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Check out official GamingCheats news here!

7:41pm March 16 2013
by GamingCheats
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General Discussion Forum

Discuss anything and everything here!

Any movies you're looking forward to?
12:42am May 05 2013
by bluehedgehog
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Playstation 4 Forum

Get the latest news, announcements, and games from Sony's new console, the Playstation 4, right here!

Welcome to the new Playstation 4 discussion forum!
1:54pm July 05 2013
by Administrator
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Xbox One Forum

Converse about the latest news & games for Microsoft's next generation console, the Xbox One!

Welcome to the new Xbox One discussion forum!
1:52pm July 05 2013
by Administrator
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PlayStation 3 Forum

Talk about the latest games and news on Sony's Blu-ray beast here!

In this topic we post our best and worst games on the PS3!
10:29pm April 20 2013
by Cthulhu1998
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Xbox 360 Forum

'Jump in' on some hot Xbox 360 discussions here!

Next xbox will always require an online connection? RIP XBOX
4:33pm May 02 2013
by SuicidalB0bomb
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Nintendo Wii Forum

Have something to say about the Big N's industry-changing console? Do so here!

They say Sonic Colors is the Sonic game that finally was good...
8:35pm April 15 2013
by captnfalcon123
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PC Forum

Discuss the latest PC news, games, and content here! (And hacks too!)

Battlefield 4 Cheat
9:59pm November 21 2013
by iwantcheats
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iPhone/iTouch/iPad Forum

Talk about the games that finally convinced you that 'Touching is Believing!'

Game Stew makes some of the best under-the-radar games on the iOS market.
9:48pm April 26 2013
by BuffLuigi
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Sony Vita Forum

Sony Vita Discussion Forum

Is Wipeout 2048 better or not as good as Wipeout Pulse?
6:19pm April 19 2013
by swiftbloodlust
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PSP Forum

Discuss the latest games and news on the Playstation that fits in your pocket!

Favorite missions on GTA: Vice City Stories?
6:58pm May 09 2013
by RaiderOfTombs
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Nintendo Wii U Forum

Discuss the latest game-changer, the Wii U, right here!

Virtual console is finally up!
1:08am April 30 2013
by koopainatux
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Nintendo 3DS Forum

'Take a look inside' and talk all things 3DS! (No 3D glasses required)

What are some games to show off the graphics on my 3DS XL?
2:25pm May 06 2013
by GreenHillZone
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Nintendo DS Forum

Sit back and chat about the most successful gaming handheld in the world!

Why are Phantom Hourglass player so divided?
4:07pm May 02 2013
by HungryNomi
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Retro Consoles Forum

Put on your nostalgia goggles and chat about the great games and consoles of the past!

If you had a choice, which old game would you like remade for the modern audience?
12:48am June 29 2013
by Bobby
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