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Posted: March 14th 2013 at 8:14pm


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I'm looking for an MMO to play and was wondering what is everyone's basic thoughts on the mmorpg arena? Those three are the ones I'm interested inbtw so please don't bother mentioning other games : )
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Posted: March 18th 2013 at 2:08pm


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Here's a quick rundown imo:

SWTOR is cool and Bioware/EA won't let it die anytime soon, regardless of what the internet seems to say. The story is critically acclaimed and the game is fairly new, providing it with plenty of room to evolve and get better.

WoW is enjoyable and is probably the most polished having been around. However, the grinding is pretty tedious and you are looking to spend quite a bit of cash if you want to get caught up expansion-wise. It's still a fun game and the one all other MMOs copy, but it's up to you.

Guild Wars 2 isn't out yet so it's hard to speak for it, but it's getting quite the hype and could be the best MMO ever if everyone goes well.
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Posted: March 18th 2013 at 7:41pm


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Definitely Guild Wars 2 based on the fast that the whole tank/healer/dps concept has been thrown out the window, giving you more freedom to play as you wish.

Also, WvW is the most fun I've had in an MMO in years.
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Posted: April 02nd 2013 at 11:40pm


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Despite being out for 8 years, WoW is still the king of the MMOs ;)
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Posted: April 10th 2013 at 5:22pm


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No monthly fees, an awesome game, refreshing gameplay...definitely GW2.
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Posted: April 16th 2013 at 3:38pm


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Agree with the above, GW2 absolutely. WoW and SWTOR are very traditional in combat and questing, and leveling is all about grinding. GW2 turns that all on its head with dynamic events, and the world is the most beautiful of all MMOs, if not games in general.
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Posted: April 20th 2013 at 7:27pm


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WoW. I've been playing it for years and still haven't gotten bored. Whether you want to solo through the world, raid with dozens of others against fierce bosses, or tear other players up in PVP, WoW lets you do all that. $15 is nothing for the amount of content there is, which having 10 million players proves ^_^
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