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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo 3DS Q&A

Answer from Nytemare123

You can find him at 8pm every night in Club LOL DJing, except for Saturday nights when he goes back to playing his guitar for you.

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I've read that you can return the grass with the use of fertilizer. But I've also heard this is untrue. Anyone know the truth?

Answer from Black0psJohn

Fertilizer does NOT grow grass, you only get grass from flowers and rain. I wonder where the rumor started because it has been round a while..

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In the previous games time traveling would mess up events pretty bad,like certain characters taking forever to show up again and stuff. is it the same for New Leaf?

Answer from SkyrimChamp

Villagers might move away and such, which only stinks when a villager you liked suddenly moves away because you neglecting them. However, the problem with weeds,flowers dying,and cockroaches can be solved by enacted the beautiful town ordinance.

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I work at the cafe daily and I get coffee beans but can't make coffee! I have the siphon, expresso maker, coffee maker, and coffee cup. How do I use them?

Answer from GeminiSpartan

Actually, beans have no use other than to sell :)

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A villager seriously moved RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE! It's blocking my view. How do I get rid of him? Thanks!

Answer from godmask2000

btw villagers won't move into areas where there are town projects. fountains, lightposts, ect. Flowers and trees won't stop them lol.

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Answer from CaptFalcon

Be mean to them. Open the gifts they ask you to deliver, hit them with the net, push them, send them mean letters, etc. Eventually they'll take off :p

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So if I invite someone to my town, can they destroy it and leave it a mess? How do I prevent them from doing stuf like that?

Answer from ayellowyoshi

The short answer is no, they can't do anything that has a permanent effect.

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