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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Cheats "Unlockable Locations" (Nintendo 3DS)


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Unlockable Locations **Updated 1 year ago**

Unlock the following locations by performing the corresponding tasks. Note: Some of these require it being 10 days past the start of the game, and most will be available in the public works list.
Club LOL Have Nookling Junction upgrade for the first time, give Dr. Shrunk permission when he visits your house, and obtain signatures from other villagers.
Dream Suite (Req: 7 days after game start) Visit Isabelle. Dream Suite will be added to the public works list.
Fortune Teller Shop Have your fortune read (which happens whenever Katrina visits your town) 20 times. Then speak to her and the shop will be added to the works list.
Garden Center Pull 30 weeds, plant 30 flowers or trees, OR water 30 plants.
Kicks Spend at least 8000 bells in the Able Sisters' shop.
Museum Shop Donate at least 20 items (of any category) to the museum, and talk to Blathers daily; [eventually] the shop will become a works project.
Shampoodle Spend at least 10,000 bells in Able Sisters' or Kicks. It must be at least 10 days since Kicks was built.
The Island Resort Start up the game after finishing your upgrade to a house. Tortimer will greet you at the start up; meet him at the docks. You can go one day later.
The Roost Café Donate 50 items to the Museum, and have the Museum Shop already unlocked. Talk to Blathers 7 days after the Museum Shop's opening.
QR Machine Talk to Sable (in the Able Sisters store; the one sewing machine)for 10 days straight and on the 11th day it will be added to the back of the store.
Reset Center Turn off your 3DS without saving, and when you start up your town, Mr Resetti will say that the Reset Centre closed, then its a works project.

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