Captain America: Super Soldier Nintendo 3DS Cheats

Rating 5

Unlockable Costumes

Unlock the following costumes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Classic Costume - Finish all challenges with a gold medal / Get 25,000 intel points
Ultimate 1940's Costume- Rescue 5 soldiers
Isaiah Bradley- Rescue 10 soldiers
Bucky Barnes- Rescue 15 soldiers
US Agent - Rescue 20 soldiers

Rating 1

Damaging Shield throw hint

Once you lock onto all the targets you want to throw at, flick the Nunchuk instead of releasin the C button for a Focus Increase Shot.

Rating 0

Deflecting hint

Deflect bullets and lasers at enemies without ranged attack first and not the gunners. If you kill the gunners first you won't have anything to deflect at the other enemies.