Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS Cheats

Rating 6

Infinite stats for Avatar Logbook characters

Obtain a large number of stat increasing items and gold, then save the game. Once done, recruit a character from the Avatar Logbook and apply as many stat increases as desired to that person. Update the avatar logbook for that character then create a new saved game. Load the first saved game, then repeat the process.

Rating 2

Full Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough coming soon!

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Rating 2

Extended Extras Menu

To unlock a menu that allows access to the Theater, Unit Gallery, and Support Log, simply complete the game.

Rating 2

Lunatic+ mode

Complete Lunatic mode to unlock a new mode.

Rating 0

Renown Unlockables

Unlock the following bonuses by completing Chapter 3 with the corresponding amount of Renown:

Alm's Blade 8,000 Renown
Beast Killer 400 Renown
Bolt Axe 1,800 Renown
Boots 50,000 Renown
Bullion (L), 10,000 Gold 1,000 Renown
Celica's Gale 550 Renown
Dracoshield 3,500 Renown
Energy Drop 330 Renown
Ephraim's Lnce 810 Renown
Glass Sword 50 Renown
Goddess Icon 900 Renown
Gradivus 10,000 Renown
Hector's Axe 7,250 Renown
Innes's Bow 2,600 Renown
Leif's Blade 1,500 Renown
Levin Sword 270 Renown
Longbow 720 Renown
Mercurius 3,000 Renown
Micaiah's Pyre 9,000 Renown
Naga's Tear 3,0000 Renown
Noble Rapier 4,000 Renown
Orsin's Hatchet 150 Renown
Parthia 5,000 Renown
Second Seal 100 Renown
Secret Book 630 Renown
Seed of Trust 210 Renown
Seraph Robe 2,200 Renown
Sigurd's Lance 5,750 Renown
Speedwing 1,200 Renown
Spirit Dust 470 Renown
Supreme Emblem, 99,999 Gold 99,999 Renown
Talisman 6,500 Renown
Tiki's Tear 4,500 Renown