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Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, The Cheats "999 Rupee Shadow Link" (Nintendo 3DS)


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999 Rupee Shadow Link

You can create a custom Shadow Link that appears in others's games via StreetPass to challenge them. Your Shadow Link will be worth a Bounty of Rupees that your opponent can win if they defeat you. To create the maximum 999 Rupee Bounty Dark Link you will need the following:

  • Fully upgraded Master Sword with 4 Master Ores
  • The Red Tunic from Lorule Castle
  • Every Heart Piece and Heart Container from all of the dungeons (except for Lorule Castle, which has no Heart Container)
  • Upgraded Great Spin Attack from collecting all 100 Maiamais
  • Two Upgraded Weapons equipped (upgraded by Mother Maiamai for returning 10 Maiamai babies)

If you want to make your Shadow Link truly evil, equip a Blue Potion or two to refill his hearts. You won't have the 999 bounty but your Shadow Link will be tougher to defeat.

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