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Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, The Cheats "Heart Piece Locations" (Nintendo 3DS)


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Heart Piece Locations

Find all 28 Heart Pieces by searching the corresponding locations and performing the indicated tasks:
Kakariko Village Jump into the Well at the top left of the village. If you don't have the Power Glove to lift the rocks, jump from the ledge right of the hole while holding a cucco and turn link sharply to the left to fall into the hole
Blacksmith's Shop Merge into the building and move around behind the shop to find a Heart Piece
Lost Woods Find the crack in the wall below a hollow log and merge through to a hidden area with a Heart Piece
Graveyard Once you have the Wall Merge ability, return to the dungeon beneath the Sanctuary and merge along the wall to the far right side
Minigame: Race to the Miner's House With the Pegasus Boots, accept the challenge from the man at the far right Lake Hylia to race to the Miner's House. Use the dash ability, but be careful of hazards. When you complete the first race, take the challenege again and reach the Miner's House in under 65 seconds.
Eastern Palace Head south of the Eastern Palace and use the Hammer on the pegs surrounding the Heart Piece
Cucco Ranch Minigame Play the minigame where you have to dodge a swarm of Cuccos. Stay towards the middle so you have more time to react to oncoming cuccos. Keep challenging until you reach the Rooster level, and win to get the Heart Piece. Use your 3D slider to find out which cuccos fly over you (usually the yellow colored ones)
Rupee Rush Minigame You must get 100 Rupees in under 30 seconds without a timer display. Use a stopwatch if you have one, and get at least 40 rupees, then try to return with less than a second on the clock to get multiplier bonuses.
Hyrule Castle Go to the left of the castle where the well used to be in Link to the Past, and use the Power Glove to lift the rock.
Zora River Swim to the waterfall south of Zora's Domain and go behind the waterfall to find a Heartpiece.
Eastern Palace Find the sealed cave below the Palace and bomb the entrance.
Swamp Ruins Look for a Piece of Heart surrounded by statues, then go south to two large statues and bomb the wall between them to find a secret cave path.
Death Mountain While climbing to the Tower of Hera, merge along the wall on the top two ledges between a lower cave entrance, and drop down and go through the cave
Death Mountain Head past the Tower of Hera, avoiding the enemies while following a sign for Rosso's Ore Mine. Head into the large lava cave and take the platforms down to a central island with two enemies. Merge along the wall to the left and look for a platform, and use the Hammer to vault upwards to the top.
Kakariko Village In Lorule, go through the portal in the Thieves Town on the ruined house to come into Kakariko Village through a woman's cloest. She'll give you a big kiss, and a Piece of Heart.
Thieves Town Play the Fortune House Game and try opening the chest with the Piece of Heart. Try picking the same 3 chests and keep opening them until the Heart appears.
'Lorule Rupee Rush Minigame Similar to the Hyrule Version, you'll need to amass over 150 rupees with the help of multipliers by getting close to 30 seconds without going over.
Lorule Baseball Derby Score over 100 Rupees in one game. Tilt the stick back to hit pots farther away or forward to hit pots close by. Link will hit the ball from right to left depending on when you hit A (Earliest to latest swing) Always aim for the crows who give 20 Rupees. They appear after 3 pots have been hit in a row. (Note: If you hit the crabs, it resets the pots, making it easier to hit three in a row again to make the crows appear)
Swamp of Evil Buy the Bomb Flower near Thieves Town, and escort it along to a giant cracked wall near the bottom right of the Swamp, blow it up to reveal cave.
Palace of Darkness Just before the entrance to the dungeon, a few guards will patrol a platform with some narrow beams where the Piece of Heart is. If you clear the dungeon, the guards will leave.
Graveyard Use the Lorule portal to Hyrule atop the ledge to enter the cave above the Graveyard.
Thieves Town Take the Lorule Portal on the back of the house on the north side of Kakariko Village, then merge around the house to the south side.
Ruined Miner's House Find the ruined house in Lorule with a Piece of Heart on the roof, thenclimb up on the ledge to the right and grab a Cucco. Jump from the north area and float around.
Blacksmith's House Use the Titan's Mitt on the big boulder below the Blacksmith's House
Misery Mire In the Desert, use the Sand Rod to build a bridge along the north wall where a portal is sealed. Bomb the wall and go through the portal to grab a Heart Piece.
Treacherous Tower Clear 15 (Intermediate) levels of the Treacherous Tower for a Heart Piece.
Turtle Rock Dungeon Travel through Turtle Rock Dungeon to find a path to the balcony outside
Death Mountain Climb to the top of Death Mountain in Lorule and find the pillar that has a portal to Hyrule at the top. In Lorule, before the entrance to the Ice Ruins, there is a cave opening that in Hyrule would take you to Rosso's Ore Mine. Enter the cave and follow the platforms down until you reach a icy platforms separated by a wall, with a large Ice Gargoyle on the left side and 2 small Ice Gargoyles on the right. Defeat the large Ice gargoyle and follow the moving platforms west. You will see moving platforms that directly above you which you must use the Tornado Rod to land on. Follow these up to the Lorule Pillar rift and go through it to get the Heart Piece in Hyrule.

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