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Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, The Cheats "MaiaMia Baby Locations: Lorule" (Nintendo 3DS)


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MaiaMia Baby Locations: Lorule **Updated 3 months ago**

One of the biggest sidequests is Mother MaiaMia, who has lost her 100 babies across Hyrule and Lorule. For every 10 babies you find, she'll upgrade your rented items from Ravio. Find them all tolearn a powerful, upgraded spin attack. First talk to Mother MaiaMia to start the quest by heading just southeast of Link's house toward Lake Hylia. Look along the northern edge of the water to find a blocked cave with a sign warning of a monster inside. Use a Bomb to open the cave and talk to Mother MaiaMia, then find all 100 babies by searching the following places:
Thieves' Town/Swamp Palace/Lorule Castle
Baby #51 Find the small, destroyed house in the southwest corner of Thieves' Town. Lorule's first baby is attached to a wall there.
Baby #52 The next baby is actually in the grass surrounding the Bomb Flower at the Bomb Flower Shop just south of town.
Baby #53 Go to the Rupee Rush game. A baby is attached to the northern cliff wall there.
Baby #54 Now head to the Octoball Derby game. Break up the trio of skulls near the baseball diamond to reveal a baby inside one. Morbid, eh?
Baby #55 This is one is high up on a cliff wall directly south of Octoball Derby. You'll need to use the equivalent rift in Hyrule to reach it.
Baby #56 Go to the Swamp Palace, but stop by the swampy water just north of the dungeon itself. In the deep water here is another baby.
Baby #57 Southeast of the Swamp Palace is a trio of columns with a baby atop. Use a Pegasus Boots charge to knock it loose.
Baby #58 Go directly north to find another baby attached to a cliff wall.
Baby #59 Continue north from Baby #58. Between the Vacant House and the Octoball Derby is this boulder. Lift it to discover a baby beneath.
Baby #60 To the east is the Vacant House itself. Check the ledge behind the house to discover an attached baby.
Baby #61 Go north to Lorule Castle. The first tree to your right has a hidden baby inside. Use a Pegasus Boots charge to reveal it.
Baby #62 This is attached the right wall of the Lorule Castle gate.
Baby #63 Go west to the Blacksmith. This is attached to the left side of the house.
Baby #64 By the Fortune Teller to the north are several boulders. Lift them to discover another baby.
Baby #65 From the Blacksmith, head west to reenter Thieves' Town. Use a Pegasus Boots charge on the first tree you see to pop a baby out from inside its branches.

Skull Woods
Baby #66 There are two southern entrances to Lost Woods proper. Take the eastern one; there's a large boulder blocking the path. Lift it to discover a baby underneath.
Baby #67 Look south between the two entrances to spot this one attached to a wall.
Baby #68 Now head up the western path and enter the woods proper. Follow the path to reach these two puffs of grass. Slice up them up to discover another baby.
Baby #69 Now head to the northwest corner of the woods. Here you'll find a skull surrounded by grass; there's a baby inside this strange arrangement.
Baby #70 Go to the destroyed house just east of the woods (the equivalent of Rosso's house in Hyrule). Look south and use a Pegasus Boots charge into the tree here; you'll shake loose a baby.
Baby #71 Go south to find these trees arranged into a V-pattern. Slice up the purple flowers in the middle to reveal another baby.
Baby #72 There's another baby in this direction, just a bit further south. Enter the pit to find it attached to a wall.
Baby #73 From #72, move west. Just beyond the gateway for Thieves' Town, you can see this baby attached to a cliff wall.

Baby #74 There's a big boulder just outside of the Lorule Sanctuary. Underneath is a baby.
Baby #75 The next baby is attached to the wall north of the Graveyard proper.
Baby #76 Follow this region until it wraps southeast. Use a Pegasus Boots charge on the tree here to shake loose a baby.

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