Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, The Nintendo 3DS Cheats

Rating 15

Fix a broken sign

If you slice a sign to pieces, play Zelda's lullaby and the sign will magically recreate itself

Rating 13

Skulltula rewards

100 Gold Skulltulas located in Hyrule drop tokens. Collect these tokens and go to the house in the center of Kakariko village filled with cursed spider people. There you can earn rewards for collecting certain numbers of them. Earn the following prizes by collecting the corresponding number of tokens:

Adult Wallet (Carry 200 Rupees) Collect 10 Skulltula Tokens
Bombchus (The moving bombs) Collect 40 Skulltula Tokens
Giant's Wallet (Carry 500 Rupees) Collect 30 Skulltula Tokens
Heart Piece Collect 50 Skulltula Tokens
Huge Rupee (200 Rupees, lame!) Collect 100 Skulltula Tokens
Shard of Agony (Reveals hidden secrets) Collect 20 Skulltula Tokens

Rating 12

Making the Sinking Lure legal

This will make the fish you catch with the Sinking Lure be legal (as if you had caught them without it). After obtaining the Sinking Lure, go to the fisherman and say to him "Let's talk about something else". He will then allow you to use the Sinking Lure and the fish you catch with it will no longer be noted as being "Illegal". Note: You will still need to find the Sinking Lure each time you come back.

Rating 11

Free Hylian Shield hint

As a kid, you can get the Hylian Sheild for free instead of spending 80 rupees. Go to Kakiriko Graveyard at nightime as a kid and pull back the grave with flowers in the first row of graves. Jump in the pit and open the chest inside. Note: If you already have the Hylian Shield, the chest will contain a blue rupee.

Rating 10

Bottle Locations

Find the following bottles and the corresponding locations:

Bottle #1 At Lon Lon Ranch, play Talon's Super Cucco Game. When you win, you will receive a bottle(1) with Lon Lon milk
Bottle #2 In Kakariko village, find all the cuccos and return them to the pen, then talk to the lady standing next to the pen, she will give you a bottle.
Bottle #3 At Lake Hylia (you must have the silver scale), dive into the water to find a bottle and a letter.
Bottle #4 As adult Link, go to the market and talk to the ghost person in the house directly to the left asyou enter. Go outside and collect poes, once you collect 1000 points, the ghost will give you a bottle.

Rating 10

Obtaining the Big Bomb Bag

  • As young Link, go to the bombchu game room in Hyrule Town Market. Play a second time and win to receive a bomb bag that can hold 30 bombs.

  • If you're not very good at bombachu bowling, there's another way to get a bigger bomb bag. As young Link, go to Goron City and stop the large Goron rolling around with a bomb. He will give you a bigger bomb bag.

Rating 9

End Game Song easter egg

At the very end of the game after the credits when it says "The End" and freezes the frame, if you leave it on for awhile, it'll start playing the song you made up for the scarecrow. Wait another minute or so and it'll play it again in a different octave or different instrument. It does this about 4-6 times, then stops.

Rating 9

Golden scale as a kid hint

As a child, go to the fishing pond and start fishing like normal. Continue fishing until you get a fish that’s big enough to earn a heart piece. Instead of going to the fishing owner, go into the middle of the pond and, while facing towards the owner in the water, hold Z + R (lock and shield). Don’t let go and swim and run to him. Once you reach him, talk to him without letting go of Z and R. He’ll give you the golden scale instead of a heart piece! This allows you to do many things early on, such as entering Zora’s Domain without having to play Zelda’s Lullaby or getting the heart piece from the Lakeside Laboratory.

Rating 8

Chicken attack hint

Any Zelda fan will have figured this one out already. Repeatedly attack a chicken and it will call for backup. In a moment, tons of chickens will flap around on screen trying to peck Link to death. Leave the room or area to stop the chicken attack.

Rating 8

Rupees from Light Arrows

Kill an enemy with nothing but light arrows,. When they burn up, they will leave behind a purple rupee worth 50 green rupees.

Rating 7

Draw bridge rupees hint

The bridge to the town market goes up at night. You can ride it up to the top as it is closing if you step on it and play the Song of the Sun. As it turns to night, step forward slowly as it rises but stop when you get to the edge. There are three Red Rupees up here.

Rating 7

Mario easter egg

When you first meet Zelda,before you talk to her, look at the window to the right. You can see pictures of Mario and other stuff.

Rating 6

Never Lose Tunic or Shield

To avoid losing your tunic or shield when you are eaten by a Like-lLike, put on the Kokiri Tunic (green) and the Mirror Shield. Since both of these are one of a kind and can't be re-bought, the Like-Like will not eat them.

Rating 6

Lone Cucco in Kakariko Village

In Kakariko Village as Adult Link, look up on the windmill to see a small entrance.  Reach it by using your Longshot on the wooden crate, then climb up the stairs and you'll find a lone Cucco.

Rating 5

Queen Gohma strategy

When Queen Gohama climbs up on the wall to try and go on the roof and lay eggs, hit her in the eye with the sling shot and she will fall paralyzed and vulnerable to hits.

Rating 5

Unlock Master Quest

Complete the game for the first time to unlock Master Quest.

Rating 5

Re-dead strategy

Play the song that turns the time from night to day (and vice versa) anywhere where there are zombies. They will freeze and be easier to kill because they can't attack you.

Rating 5

Scarecrow Song hint

When you go to Lake Hyrule as young Link, show your Ocarina to the scarecrow and he will ask you to play a song. Create one of exactly 8 notes and remember it, then show and play the song back to the other scarecrow. Come back to the lake as adult Link and play the song to the first scarecrow and you will learn the scarecrow song.

Rating 4

Lost Woods navigation

Getting through the Lost Woods can be a pain. To help you out, when you approach an entrance in the lost woods, dont go through if it stays black. If it changes color, you know you're going the right way. This works with young or adult Link.

Rating 4

Obtaining the Mask of Truth

Follow these steps as young Link to obtain the Mask of Truth, which allows you to talk to the gossip stones:

1. Sell the Keaton Mask to the guard at the foot of Death Mountain.
2. Sell the Skull Mask to the Skull Kid in the Lost Woods.
3. Sell the Spooky Mask to the young boy who plays in Kakariko Graveyard.
4. Sell the Bunny Hood to the Marathon Runner in Hyrule Field. Make sure you have an empty Giant's Wallet! Now return to the Happy Mask Shop and the Shopkeeper will let you borrow ANY mask for FREE!

Rating 4

Shadow Link strategies

  • Use Din's Fire to easily damage Shadow Link.

  • Use the Megaton Hammer against Shadow Link. He won't be able to mirror your attacks.

Rating 4

Unlimited money from beggar

As a kid, there is a beggar in the Hyrule Castle Market that asks you to sell him things with C. In the future, that same beggar is relocated to Kakariko Village, which is perfect for arguably the fastest non-Skulltulla money trick in the game. Behind the old lady's potion shop in Kakariko lies a grotto that contains a fish. Bring a couple of empty bottles to the grotto, then enter and re-enter the grotto until you're able to fill all of your bottles with fish. The beggar will buy each fish for 100 rupees. Repeat this process as many times as you wish until your money is maxed out. This obviously works best when you have the Giant's Wallet and can carry a maximum of 500 rupees at a time.

Rating 4

Obtaining the Biggoron Sword

This awesome sword is the strongest blade in the game, but it is also quite a task to acquire. Basically you have to take items to a bunch of people. Some items have time limits so don't warp or else it will reduce time and you need Epona for this. Use the same carrot method when you beat Ingo for this. The following is the order of each person that you will have to take/collect an item to/from:

1. Pocket Egg-Cucco Girl (Kakariko Village) (Note: Make him happy by waking up Talon and then go back to Cucco Girl)
2.Corjiro-Brother of Cucco Girl (Lost Woods)
3.Odd Mushroom-Mother behind potion shop (Kakariko Village)
4.Odd Potion-Kokiri Girl (Lost Woods)
5.Poacher's Saw-Carpender (Gerudo Valley)
6.Goron's Sword-Biggoron (Death Mountain)
7.Prescription-King Zora (Zora's Domain)
8.Eyeball Frog-Professor (Lake Hylia)
9.Eye Drops-Biggoron (Death Mountain)

You will receive a claim check after step 9, which you should give to the big Goron on Death Mountain. Play the Sun's Song 6 times or wait three days to get the Biggoron Sword.

Rating 4

Great Faerie Locations

Find the Great Faeries that give the following spells by searching the corresponding locations:

  • Magic Spin Slash
On Top of Death Mountain, there is sign, to the left looks like a door, BOMB it to find a door.

  • Din's Fire
In Hyrule castle, once you enter climb up the vines, jump of the gate and run foward, there should be a sign, go past it and use a BOMB to blow up the rock.

  • Farore's Wind
At Zoras Fountain, go to the right once you enter, there is a island with trees and rocks, go there, use a BOMB on the rock on the wall, then run into the cave.

  • Double magic meter
Play the Bolero of Fire on the Ocarina, then go across the bridge that leads to the Leader Goron, instead of going into his chamber, go left, equip your MEGATON HAMMER and break the rock.

  • Double Energy (Adult)
Once you leave the market going towards Ganons Castle, go right, run until you see a bunch of rocks, go past them and you will see a big column, use your GOLD GAUNTLETS to lift it.

Rating 3

Zora kiss hint

As adult Link, earn enough money to buy the Zora Tunic (you must not have it already). Then, go to King Zora and melt off the red ice. He will offer you a Zora Tunic. Since you already have it, he'll offer you a big kiss instead.

Rating 3

Skyward Sword easter eggs

  • In the Gerudo Fortress there is a secret poster of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. To find it, start in the room the Gerudo guards put you in when you get captured. Hookshot/Longshot up to the window above you, then jump to the closest ledge and go through the door. Go down the hallway into a small room (be sure to knock out both guards with arrows if you haven't received the "Gerudo Token" yet). Break the two crates in this room to reveal the poster.

  • Inside the Bombchu shop, go up to the counter and look at the left set of items in the shop. Another poster is along the wall on the left side of the screen.

  • On the second floor of the building where you catch the Super Cuccos is a bedroom. Enter and break the jars next to the wardrobe. Go into first person mode and look at the poster where the jars were to discover another poster.

Rating 3

Sinker Lure hint

At the fishing pond, go to the big rock near the large crack in the wall and run to the corner to find a sinker lure. Use it to catch the black eel swimming around in the deepest parts of the pond.

Rating 3

Angry soldier hint

In the castle courtyard  where Zelda is, go to the window opposite of the window with Mario pictures. If you use your slingshot and shoot in the window, a soldier will peek out, say something, and throw a bomb at you. It's not a useful trick, but it's pretty funny to see.

Rating 3

Getting a Cow

If you return to Lon Lon Ranch after you get Epona, Malon will challenge you to a race. Beat the 50 sec. and she'll say what she wants to give you something but it is too heavy to carry. Return to your house to find a cow in it.

Rating 3

Tunic locations

Obtain the following tunics by performing the corresponding tasks:

  • Goron Tunic
Go to Goron City as an adult and stop the little goron rolling on the 3rd floor with a bomb. Talk to him about the dragon and the gorons and he will give you the Goron Tunic.

  • Zora Tunic
Go to Zora's Domain as an adult and unthaw King Zora with a bottle of Blue Fire from the Ice Cavern or the Potion Shop.

Rating 3

Unlock All Bosses Challenge

Individually defeat every boss in Challenge mode to fight them all.

Rating 3

Day-time dog hint

After getting the sun song, go to Hyrule Castle Town and walk up to a dog so it follows you. Play the sun song. The dog will follow you until you leave town.

Rating 3

Giant monsters hint

If you repeatedly kill the same type of monster, you will encounter a bigger version of the type you've been killing. This works on Stalchildren, Guays, and Leevers.

Rating 2

Shadow Temple mini-boss strategy

To defeat the mini boss in the Shadow Temple ( the one where hands grap you and hold you in place until it bites you ), simply use your lense of truth. When using it, look for a shadow on the ground. When you see it, put a bomb on it. The boss will then come up out of the ground and you won't be hurt.

Rating 2

Unlimited Golden Skulltullas Tokens

In Hyrule Castle, after passing the guards, jump into the water and head towards the place where you woke up Talon..There is a tree there. Play Song of Storms and a hole will open. In the hole you'll find a Golden Skulltula. Kill it, but  do not pick up the token yet. Go behind the exit (the light that goes to the surface) and throw your boomerang at the token. When your boomerang hits it, exit the hole. If done correctly, the Golden Skulltula will respawn in the hole and you will have the token. Repeat to collect more tokens.

Rating 2

Free Masks from the Mask Shop hint

This only works after you've sold the Keaton mask to the guard outside of Death Mountain. Once you've done so but before getting the Skull Mask, you can ask to borrow the Keaton Mask again for free. Once you've done so, leave the shop, go back in and ask to trade masks. You can trade the Keaton mask for the Skull mask (he'll say you have to pay, but you won't) for free. It even makes the sound of you giving him the rupees, but you won't actually be paying anything. The same works for the Spooky mask and the Rabbit hood-- you just have to trade the mask that you sold before it.

Rating 2

Max out rupees early

You can  max out your Rupees to 99 extremely early in the game. In Kokiri Forest, head over to the shop and find the three man-made square blocks in the water. From the shop side, jump over all three of them without falling into the water to receive 5 Rupees. Go into the shop, exit, and do it again. Repeat until you max out your Rupees.

Rating 2

Creating Music with the Ocarina

To play flat notes, hold Z while playing a note. To play sharp notes, hold R while playing a note. Use the control stick to vary the pitch on a note. Try it out and compose your own masterpieces!

Rating 2

Free Lon Lon Milk

If you have an empty bottle, stand in front of any cow and play "Epona's Song" to fill your bottle up with Lon Lon Milk for free.

Rating 1

Boot locations

Obtain the following boots by performing the corresponding tasks:

  • Hover Boots
Go to the Shadow Temple as a adult and go through the invisible wall in the first room. There will be more invisible walls in the next room. In one of them there will be a door leading to a Deadhand. Defeat it to get the Hover Boots.

  • Iron Boots
Complete the Ice Cavern, located in the same area that Jabu Jabu was.

Rating 1

Magic Spell locations

Obtain the following spells by going to the corresponding locations:

  • Din's Fire
After collecting some bombs, go to the castle as a child and blow up the rock past the gate.

  • Farore's Wind
At the location of Lord Jabu Jabu, go to the right of his platform and swim towards the wall. Use a bomb on one of the rocks.

  • Nayru's Love
Outside of the Spirit Temple, use a bomb on the crack on the walls somewhere nearby in the desert.

Rating 1

Unbreakable Deku Sticks

To get an unbreakable Deku Stick, do the following:

1. Get a lot of Deku Sticks.
2. Equip a Deku Stick.
3. Do the Jumping Slash Attack on an object and either hit the tip or middle of the stick.

The stick will break in half and you will keep one half, which is invincible and is twice as strong as Link's normal sword.

Rating 1

Unlock Boss Challenge

Speak with Sheik to learn the prelude of light and unlock Boss Challenge. Then, defeat the boss to fight it in Challenge mode.

Rating 1

Getting Epona hint

When starting either the first or second race, let Ingo get out in front of you. Then, start racing along the outside of the track without speeding up Epona. Eventually Ingo will stop whipping his horse, because he disappears. Then, just ride to the finish line. If you do it on the second race, just repeat the process and you will get Epona. You may need to cross the finish line twice on the second race. Note: This may not always work.

Rating 1

Sinking Lure hint

To easily catch huge fish in the fishing pond without having to spend countless hours, catch the "lunker" fish as an adult and obtain the gold scale. Then, go to the fishing pond and you will find a new lure in one of following three places: in the feeder creek,  in the grass around the perimeter of the area, or on the log jutting out of the pond. Once you find this lure, try fishing with it. It is irresistible to fish, so catching a 20 pounder will be no problem. However, if you set any records by using this lure, the fish you have caught will be considered illegal on the aquarium and at the record board in Link's house.

Rating 0

Defeat Phantom Ganon With a Bottle

It is possible to reflect the Phantom Ganon's magic attack with an empty bottle.  This works for the Forest Temple boss, but avoid trying it on the actual final battle with Ganon.

Rating 0

Early Fire Arrows hint

First, get the scarecrow song as a kid. To do this, go to Lake Hylia as a kid through Zora's Domain and speak with the scarecrow on the shore. Take out your ocarina and he'll want to play. Play any song you make up and that will be your song--don't forget it! Next, you'll need the Longshot. To get this, defeat Dark Link in the Water Temple. Then, as an adult, go to the scarecrows and play the song for the first one. Piere will now appear wherever there is a green Navi but nothing there. Now, when the sun is rising, shoot the sun with an arrow by the Water warp point (with the Water Medalion on it). When the Fire arrows appear, go down the hill but don't drop-- just go to the edge. Play the scarecrow song to make Piere appear, then use the Longshot to hook on and grab the arrows.

Rating 0

King Bowser pendant;

As Young Link, go to Lon Lon Ranch,and look at Malon's Brooch. Notice that it is the head of Bowser from Super Mario Bros.! This same image is also on Talon's Brooch.  Talon and Ingo seem to resemble the Mario Bros. themselves as well.