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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, The Cheats "Skulltula rewards" (Nintendo 3DS)


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Skulltula rewards

100 Gold Skulltulas located in Hyrule drop tokens. Collect these tokens and go to the house in the center of Kakariko village filled with cursed spider people. There you can earn rewards for collecting certain numbers of them. Earn the following prizes by collecting the corresponding number of tokens:
Adult Wallet (Carry 200 Rupees) Collect 10 Skulltula Tokens
Bombchus (The moving bombs) Collect 40 Skulltula Tokens
Giant's Wallet (Carry 500 Rupees) Collect 30 Skulltula Tokens
Heart Piece Collect 50 Skulltula Tokens
Huge Rupee (200 Rupees, lame!) Collect 100 Skulltula Tokens
Shard of Agony (Reveals hidden secrets) Collect 20 Skulltula Tokens

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