Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Nintendo 3DS Cheats

Rating 37

Unlockable Medals

Unlock the following medals as your saved game file icon by performing the corresponding tasks:

Medal #1 Complete Dark Moon Quest mode.
Medal #2 Earn a 3 star rank all levels in Dark Moon Quest mode.
Medal #3 Collect all ghost types (Evershade Valley and Scarescraper Ghosts)

Rating 14

Vault Statues

Collecting every gem in a mansion to unlock a statue that can be seen in the vault's gem collections.

Rating 11

Unlockable Missions

Although capturing Boos are introduced early, the game does not explicitly tell you what is the reward for capturing them all. Unlock the following missions by performing the corresponding tasks:

Gradual Infiltration Capture all 5 Boos in "Gloomy Manor"
Hostile Intrusion Capture all 5 Boos in "Haunted Towers"
Outlandish Interruption Capture all 5 Boos in "Old Clockworks"
Severe Infestation Capture all 3 Boos in "Secret Mine"
Terrifying Invasion Capture all 5 Boos in "Treacherous Mansion"

Rating 7

Surprise Mode

Complete the single-player campaign and every Scarescraper mode at least once, then select the Scarescraper option from E. Gadd's bunker to unlock this mode.

Rating 5

Dancing Luigi

Repeatedly spin the circle pad in a tight circle consecutively, making sure that Luigi completes 360-degree turns on each rotation. If done quickly enough, Luigi will finally stop spinning with a quick pirouette move, like a ballet dancer.

Rating 4

Boo Binary

In the Warehouse in the first level of the Old Clockworks, pick up and unravel the red thread roll at the far right. A boo enemy will pop out. You'll notice that his name is ComBooter, and he says "01100010 01101111 01101111." His speech is binary, which spells out "Boo."

Rating 4

Endless Floor Scarescrapers

Unlock the following Scarescraper with infinite floors as well as its own difficulty, also named "Endless", by performing the corresponding tasks

Hunter Endless Beat a Hunter mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then "Create a Scarescraper".
Polterpup Endless Beat a Polterpup mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then "Create a Scarescraper".
Rush Endless Beat a Rush mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then "Create a Scarescraper".
Surprise Endless Beat a Surprise mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then "Create a Scarescraper".

Rating 2

Scarescraper Mode

Complete the mission "Visual Tricks" in Gloomy Manor to unlock Scarescraper mode.

Rating 1

Showering Luigi

Turn the water on in the Haunted Towers area and look for a pipe that spouts water near the entrance. If you place Luigi directly under the running water, he will take off his hat and scrub under his armpits as if he is taking a shower.

Rating 1

Gold File Frame

Earn all 3 E. Gadd Medals to get a gold file frame.

Rating 1

Mario Strikers Charged easter egg

In the last level of the first mansion, enter the elevator to hear music from Mario Strikers Charged playing in the background.