Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Nintendo 3DS Cheats

Rating 14

Unlockable Boss Monsters

Unlock the following boss monsters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Lagiacrus Rare Species Reach HR70
Nargacuga Rare Species Reach HR40

Rating 3

Hunter Rank Unlockables

Unlock the following quests by reaching the corresponding Hunter Rank after completing the 8* Urgent "Black Flame of Calamity.":

1. Ring of the Golden Lune- Gold Rathian HR 25
2. Ring of the Silver Sol- Silver Rathalos HR 30
3. Best of Enemies- Purple Ludroth, Volvidon, Steel Uragaan, Great Wroggi HR 35
4. Invisible Predator- Lucent Nargacuga HR 40
5. Rage Match- 2 Deviljho HR 45
6. Moonlit Tryst- Gold Rathian, Silver Rathalos HR 50
7. The Earth Quakers- Pink Rathian, Rust Duramboros, Brachydios, Stygian Zinogre HR 55
8. The Sea Shakers- Royal Ludroth, Gobul, Plesioth, Lagiacrus HR 60
9. Abyssal Awakening- Abyssal Lagiacrus HR 70
10. Four Point Formation- Nargacuga, Barioth, Green Nargacuga and Sand Barioth HR 80
11. Heavy Hitters- Black Diablos, Jade Barroth, Duramboros and Steel Uraagan HR 90
12. March of Victory- Brachydios, Rust Duramboros, Ivory Lagiacrus and Stygian Zinogre HR 100

Rating 2

Changes and Improvements

The following brief list of major changes in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate(Wii U/3DS) when compared to Monster Hunter Tri(Wii):

1080p resolution support
3DS and Wii U games can connect to play together locally.
G-Rank difficulty adds new challenges
New companion Kayamba joins alongside Cha-cha.
A companion can now join you in online mode when there is an empty slot.
Awards system for completing certain tasks. (44 in total)
Supports text chat with a gamepad (no longer requires USB keyboard, though that is an option alongside built-in voice chat)
New Target Camera feature allows hunters to center the camera on nearby large monsters
Touch screen can be used for item combining and map/menu
All quests are available offline.
Event quests now dowlonad instead of rotating. Once you download them, you can play them forever, whenever.
Village now has low rank and high rank.
Moga Woods Free Hunt now has Low Rank and High Rank (Day and night)
Almost all Monsters now can appear except G Rank Monsters

Sacred Land now has a ballista weapon for use
Tower 3 area from Freedom Unite, an arena with rare monsters (Silver Rathalos, Gold Rathian, etc.)
New Mountain Peaks area from Portable 3rd. Entire zone comparable in size to the other levels, with 9 sub-areas.
A new town, Tanjia Port, replaces Loc-Lac City.
A new 100% exclusive area, Disastrous Sea, is where players will fight Guran-Miraosu

4 new weapon types join all weapons from Tri: Dual Sword, Gunlance, Hunting Horn and Bow.
New element "blast" is added to the game.
G-rank versions of old armor receive visual improvements
New armor sets from all the new monsters
New weapons from all the new monsters

Small Monsters
Gargwa, a round bird.
Zuwaroposu, a swamp herbivore.
Bullfango, a wild boar.
Anteka, an elk-like monster.
Furogi, a relative to the jaggi with a poison element.

Large Monsters
Plesioth, The Underwater Terror, Master of the Giant Lake
Lagombi, a white rabbit beast
"Dosufurogi", The Great Froggi
Duramboros, the Hammer-Tail wyvern
Nibelsnarf, Hunter Eater
Nargacuga, the Living Shadow, Black Beast
Arzuros, the blue bear beast.
Volvidon, the volcanic armadillo
Zinogre, the thunder wolf wyvern.
Brachydios, the crushing wyvern

Rating 2

Unlockable Moga Village Quests

Unlock the following quests by performing the corresponding tasks. The following quests contain monsters with G Rank stats:

"Into The Fire" Complete All Quests Available(High Rank and Low Rank)
"Mark of a Hero" Complete "Into The Fire"
"The Brilliant Darkness" Complete "Mark of a Hero

Rating 2

Easy zenny for beginners

With two "Kelbi Horns" in your item pouch, speak to the "Guild Sweetheart" at Moga Village. Select Low Lv one star "Prescription Pick-up" gathering quest and deliver the two "Kelbi Horns" right away. Once the quest is complete, take the 2 "Kelbi Horns" from the reward box and sell/collect the rest of the items. You'll received 800z for completing this quest. Repeat this method to receive more Zenny.