Pokedex 3D Pro Nintendo 3DS Cheats

Rating 1

Genesect Data

At the "Pokemon Challenge" menu, highlight any quiz and select the "Delete" option. Enter PHSKUTDF as a code, then complete the quiz that it generates to unlock the Pokedex data for Genesect.

Rating 0

Unlock Meloetta Data

Delete one of the quiz codes from #37 onward (it does not matter which) and enter the following code: TTQALFHN. Once you complete the challenge quiz created by the code, Meloetta's data will become available.

Rating 0

Pokemon Challenge Unlockables

Unlock the following bonuses by getting the corresponding number of correct answers:

Categories 110
Evolution 90
Perspectives 80
PokeDex Text 50
Pokemon Form(s) 70
Unown 1 100

Rating 0

Quizzes 40 to 69

Enter UJFPJGAD as a code in quizzes 37, 39, and 39 to unlock quizzes 40 to 69.