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Note button in AR Viewer

Scan AR Codes and take pictures of Pokemon in the AR Viewer to collect 30 stickers.

2 years ago

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Unlockable Gold Medals

Unlock gold medals at the following menus by performing the corresponding tasks:

AR Sticker menu - Collect all AR stickers.
Photo Sticker menu - Collect all Photo stickers.
Pokedex menu - Collect all Pokemon.

2 years ago

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Sticker Unlockables

Unlock the following bonuses by collecting the corresponding amount of stickers by scanning AR Codes and taking pictures of Pokemon in the AR Viewer:

Nine Pokemon simultaneously in AR Viewer - 70 Stickers.
Ten Pokemon simultaneously in AR Viewer - 200 Stickers.
Eleven Pokemon simultaneously in AR Viewer - 250 Stickers.
Use an image as a background. - 50 Stickers.
Note Button in AR Viewer - 30 stickers
Slider Scale in AR Viewer - 100 Stickers.
Stopwatch Button in AR Viewer - 150 Stickers.

2 years ago

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Pokedex 3D Nintendo 3DS Q&A

Does putting in Pokemon Black or White unlock anything?

This question has not yet been answered. Click here to answer this question

What's the limit?

Answer from str8insan3

3 per day. However, if you connect with a friend over local wireless, you can potentially get much more since you'll get all the Pokemon that they have in their dex that you don't have yet.

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