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Pokemon X Cheats "Rollerskate Tricks" (Nintendo 3DS)


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Rollerskate Tricks

Perform the following tricks while riding your rollerskates by performing the corresponding tasks:
360 In the Estivel Avenue of Lumiose City,  rotate the Circle Pad in a quick motion to do a spin while moving.
Back Flip In the North Boulevard of Lumiose City, when going over a ledge at high speed you will do a back flip.
Cosmic Flip In the Lost Hotel if you have enough speed and have the skill learned the previous 4 tricks while going on a ledge, then you will have a special flip.
Parallel Swizzle In the South Boulevard of Lumiose City, tilt the Circle Pad in the opposite direction to turn in that direction quickly while gaining speed.
Running Start In the Vert Plaza of Lumiose City, start running with the D-Pad then switch to the roller skates using the Circle Pad, you will gain more speed.

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