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Pokemon Y Cheats "Easy money hint" (Nintendo 3DS)


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Easy money hint

First, obtain the Amulet Coin found on the second floor of Parfum Palace, in front of a fireplace. It doubles the Pokedollars you earn from battles. Note: If you lost your Amulet Coin, you can also use a Luck Incense, which can be bought at one of the Pokemon Centers. Then, start battling every trainer at the Battle Chateau. The goal is to rank up as quickly as possible -- so battle everyone (this is tough without strong Pokemon). Once done, buy the best writs possible. You can only have one of each type of writ active at a time -- so make sure you have the best ones active. You must also purchase writs every day. When you start, it will probably be very expensive (writs are 50,000 or 100,000 Pokedollars each), but they are worth it. This trick allows you to earn millions of Pokedollars every day.

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