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Pokemon Y Cheats "Easy Shiny hint" (Nintendo 3DS)


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Easy Shiny hint

Put any Flame Body/Magma Armor Pokemon (Talonflame has Fly so is recommended) in the first slot, then get plenty of eggs from the Daycare. Depending on how you want to use this trick, you may want to get 20-30 eggs from the daycare and put them in your PC. Fly to the center of Lumiose City (Prism Tower, and get on your bike. Once done, gently slip a dime underneath the control stick so it is pushed in one direction. Your character should automatically ride in a circle around the tower. Then, leave the game for a bit and do something else while you wait for a Shiny Pokemon to hatch. Repeat this trick until you get a Shiny Pokemon. Note: You will have to press A to hatch each egg.

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