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Getting rick quickly

Note: Save before attempting this. When you enter Buy-Mode, choose the most expensive item you can afford. Buy one of it and place it wherever you want, then select the items tab on the right hand side of the screen. This will bring you back to the page you bought your item from. The item you previously bought will still be selected;  sure not press anything except the Purchase button. Even if you can't afford the item, the game will still allow you to purchase it. Purchase as many as you want and when you're done, sell all the items you just bought. Your money can't go negative so everything you sell will just give you more money. You can do this trick as much as you want but it may become more difficult to do the more money you have.

2 years ago

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Sims 3, The Nintendo 3DS Q&A

Answer from SkyrimChamp

First, get your flirt on, flirt and flatter, then shy kiss, then kiss. After a couple kisses have your Sims go relax in bed, cuddle, kiss or make out if you want to, then woohoo. Of course make sure they eat and pee, and have had plenty of rest before you

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