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StreetPass Mii Plaza Cheats "Find Mii Abilities" (Nintendo 3DS)


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Find Mii Abilities **Updated 1 year ago**

Miis collected through StreetPassing become a "unit" that can be used in the dungeons. Each progress and attack made will carry over to the next time you enter Find Mii. If you StreetPass with the same person multiple times, that person's Mii will level up and become stronger. Also, the shirt color of your collected Mii units corresponds to the type of magic they use. Below are each magic type followed by their effects:
Black Magic Darkness.
Brown Magic Summon a "wandering hero".
Green Magic Next hero will gain extra power (level doubled)
Orange Magic New heroes that enter will get a morale boost.
Pink Magic Heroes are "full of daring" and less likely to be scared.
Red Magic Burning flames (does extra damage against blue ghosts).
Yellow Magic Sandstorm (lowers the chance of getting scared) and allows damage against enemies holding a yellow shield.
Purple Magic Poisons an enemy.
Blue Magic Attacks with water.
Light Green Puts all enemies to sleep. Increases the number of extra attacks by a random amount.
White Clears dark rooms, and eliminates the effects of black magic. Deals damage to enemies weak to white magic at 3x level.
Light Blue Freezes enemies.

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