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StreetPass Mii Plaza Cheats "Unlockable Mii Hats" (Nintendo 3DS)


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Unlockable Mii Hats

Unlocks the following hats for your StreetPass Mii by performing the corresponding tasks:
Blue Pikmin Hat Beat "Gloomy Grotto" twice.
Bowser Hat Beat "Mirage Tower" twice.
Bunny Hat Beat "Gloomy Grotto - East" once.
Cat Hat Beat "Gloomy Grotto" once.
Crown Hat Beat "Mirage Tower - Summit" once.
Dog Hat Beat "Mirage Tower - Ground" once.
Kirby Hat Beat "Gloomy Grotto - Exit" once.
Link Hat Beat "Mirage Tower" once.
Luigi Hat Beat "Fort Of Summoning" twice.
Mario Hat Beat "Fort Of Summoning" once.
Metroid Hat Beat "Mirage Tower - 3F" twice.
Red Pikmin Hat Beat "Gloomy Grotto - East" once.
Samus Hat Beat "Mirage Tower - 3F" once.
Toad Hat Beat "Mirage Tower - 1F" twice.
Ultimate Hat Beat "Mirage Tower - Summit" twice.
Yellow Pikmin Hat Beat "Mirage Tower - 2F" twice.

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