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Unlockable Costume Colors

Unlock the following costume colors for a character by reaching the corresponding rank while using that character:

Color 1 - Reach the rank of Mentor
Color 2 - Reach the rank of Master
Color 3 - Reach the rank of Rogue
Color 4 - Reach the rank of Brawler
Color 5 - Reach the rank of Marauder
Color 6 - Reach the rank of Berserker
Color 7 - Reach the rank of Warrior
Color 8 - Reach the rank of Avenger
Color 9 - Reach the rank of Vindicato

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Tekken 3D Prime Edition Nintendo 3DS Q&A

Is it even possible?

Answer from Cthulhu1998

Yes you can. In the control configuration menu, after selecting one touchscreen shortcut and then one of the special moves for that shortcut, press the A button and you will see the complete list of moves for that character. Just select the one you want.

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Answer from WouldUKindly

Change the japanese movie? Nope.

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I've done a ton of online battles but still no success.

Answer from FalconPuncher

Play in quick battles up to 250-300 times to get past Juggernaut.

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