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Special Levels

Collect every Star, Red Coin, and Flower in the first eight levels of a world to unlock its special level. Note: This can be done via more than one playthroughs.

10 months ago

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Gold Medal Awards **Updated 10 months ago**

The goal ring at the end of every non-fortress and castle level will fill up with a flower for every flower you collect in the level. If after jumping through the goal ring the roulette stops on an activated flower, all activated flowers will become medals. Getting a certain number of medals in a world unlocks an award. Note: You can get these medals from any level with a goal ring, so you can replay any level to obtain all of the required medals. Earn the following rewards by performing the corresponding tasks:
1 Extra Life Collect 10 medals in a world.
3 Extra Lives Collect 20 medals in a world.
Vehicle Level Collect 30 medals in a world to unlock that world's special vehicle level. 

10 months ago

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