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Advance Wars: Dual Strike Cheats "Easy experience and money on “Muck Amok" (Nintendo DS)


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Easy experience and money on “Muck Amok

On hard campaign mode, be sure to save the game in a empty slot at the start. To clear the mission, destroy every Oozium on the field as fast as possible. For each Oozium you kill in hard mode you earn 40 points. If you complete the mission, you will have 100 points for Speed, Technique, and Power, as well as 880 points for killing 22 Ooziums. Destroying the cannon and  pipes will also net you more points. You shouldhave over 2,000 points (including the hard mode bonus) and will have enough for two promotions for each CO that participated in the mission. If you complete this mission on the other file, don’t save it so you can repeat it for more points. However, make sure you save it on another mode to save the points you received.

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