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Advance Wars: Dual Strike Cheats "Easy win on “Means To An End“" (Nintendo DS)


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Easy win on “Means To An End“

Select the CO Sensei and, if possible, equip the skill Invader (Capture+1). For the secondary front, select Max. At the start of the mission, first build four infantries. Then, as soon as possible, build a B copter and attack the enemy infantry that is capturing buildings at the south. The next turn, build a T Copter and send an infantry south. Now deploy it after you destroy the enemy infantry. While watching out for Ooziums, capture the Black Hole property so that Von Bolt will only deploy inexpensive units. When your CO Power is available, use it to deploy infantries with 9 HPS when you have a minimum of two properties south. With the skill Invader, it will only take two days to capture a property. Continue capturing all the properties south while evading the Oozium. Capturing more properties allows you to deploy stronger units to wipe out the enemy's cheaper units. Use your Super CO Power to deploy mech everywhere and flood the enemy. When the secondary front is won, deploy MegaTanks to destroy the Grand Bolt's weak area and capture the enemy base if you have the chance.

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