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Age Of Empires: The Age Of Kings Cheats "Easy completion in "Richard The Lionhearted" mission 5:" (Nintendo DS)


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Easy completion in "Richard The Lionhearted" mission 5:

When you get your men there, do not attack or else you'll die quickly. Instead, take your men to the right, or to the opposite corner from the location of  Saladin's town center. Wait for your reinforcements and slowly move toward Saladin. Once you have all your reinforcements, attack with your archers first to weaken Saladin and prevent him from weakening your men. Once he's dead, attack the town center. Make sure to always attack with the longbowmen first followed by your other men. They will soon fall to your attack. Note: Don't expect any stars if you follow this exactly. For stars, go back and do it again.

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