Age Of Empires: The Age Of Kings Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 7

Unlockable Maps

The following maps can be purchased in Empire Map mode at the "Bonus Items" menu for the corresponding amount of Empire points:

Agincourt - 250 Empire points
Archipelago Large - 200 Empire points
Asia Major - 300 Empire points
Bridges Large - 100 Empire points
Castles - 150 Empire points
France - 100 Empire points
Hannibal's Crossing - 250 Empire points
Hastings - 250 Empire points
Khyber Pass - 250 Empire points
King Of The Mountain - 300 Empire points
Outremer - 150 Empire points
Skirmish - Desert - 250 Empire points
Skirmish - Plains - 250 Empire points
Swamplands - 150 Empire points
Valley - 100 Empire points

Rating 3

Easy completion in "Richard The Lionhearted" mission 5:

When you get your men there, do not attack or else you'll die quickly. Instead, take your men to the right, or to the opposite corner from the location of  Saladin's town center. Wait for your reinforcements and slowly move toward Saladin. Once you have all your reinforcements, attack with your archers first to weaken Saladin and prevent him from weakening your men. Once he's dead, attack the town center. Make sure to always attack with the longbowmen first followed by your other men. They will soon fall to your attack. Note: Don't expect any stars if you follow this exactly. For stars, go back and do it again.

Rating 2

Extra units hint

Save up your empire points, then save and quit at the end of the mission. This allows you to go to bonus materials on the main menu to purchase extra units and maps with your points.

Rating 2

Easy 100 Empire Points

Go to multi-player mode and select"Hot Seat". Start a game and just pit both teams against one another and see who wins to make an easy 100 Empire Points.

Rating 2

Unlockable Units

The following units can be purchased at the "Bonus Items" menu for the corresponding amount of Empire points:

Dark Ram - 150 Empire points
Dopple-handers - 100 Empire points
Genoese Crossbowmen - 100 Empire points
Knights of the Round Table - 200 Empire points
Mons Meg - 150 Empire points
Swiss Pikemen - 100 Empire points
War Wolf - 150 Empire points
Welsh Bowmen - 100 Empire points

Rating 2

Sending villagers to escape

If you have villagers that need to escape, send them to a building and choose "Demolish", but select "No". You will be on that building but still unused. 

Rating 0

Button shortcut

Press R to cycle through units instead of  touching the screen to select a unit.

Rating 0

Starting out hint

Move peasants into cells with wheat/grain and command them to build a mill, then surrounding farms. With food established, proceed to other things.