Airport Mania: First Flight (DSi) Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 4

Combos hints

-Serve the larger planes after the small planes if possible to get a bigger combo bonus. Also, bigger planes are more impatient.

-Try buying a repainting plot so you can make all your gateways reach a 4x combo of each color. This is the maximum, and you will get the most combo points and a medal at the end.

Rating 2

Paper Airplane mode

Complete all 48 levels to unlock "Paper Airplane mode" at the "Options" menu.

Rating 1

Medals hint

Give planes with an emergency, such as "organs transplant" or "baby delivering immediately" priority as they become very impatient, and you will be awarded a medal.

Rating 1

Hidden cinematics hint

Every airport location has a "hot spot" that you can click on for cinematics, dialog, and other hidden features. For example, click the church at Happy Valley Municipal.