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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats "Acorn hint" (Nintendo DS)


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Acorn hint

Use the following trick to make a lot of acorns. First, make sure it is October 7th. Gather fifteen acorns (plus ten in the mail sockets) and bury them next to the far left edge of the map. Continue until there are only rotten acorns remaining. Gather rotten acorns and bury them apart from the nice acorns. Now advance the time to the12th or 13th of October and do the same thing. Sometimes you can get around forty or more each time  Going back to the October 7th will probably net you about twenty or thirty. Bury the rotten acorns and advance to October 13th again. Repeat until you get enough acorns. Note: 240 acorns are required to get everything from Cornimer.

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