Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 5

Animal obsessions

Below is a list of animals followed by their most likely obsessions:

A black cat named Kiki Obsessed with clothing.
A blue anteater with a yellow muzzle named Cyrano Obsessed with fossils.
A blue anteater with dark blue hair named Pango Obsessed with clothing.
A blue cat with dark blue stripes named Rosie Obsessed with clothing.
A brown cow with golden horns and a white muzzle named Patty Obsessed with fossils.
A brown horse named Elmer Obsessed with bug-catching contests.
A gray wolf named Luke Obsessed with fossils and bug-catching contests.
A light brown squirrel named Peco/Pecan Obsessed with clothing.
A patchwork bear named Kody Obsessed with fossils.
A pink rabbit named Ruby Obsessed with clothing.
A tan lion with a golden mane named Bud Obsessed with fishing contests.
A white mouse named Dora Obsessed with White Furniture.
An orange frog with black spots named Drift Obsessed with fishing contests.