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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats "Bells from furniture" (Nintendo DS)


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Bells from furniture

When the flea market comes around, walk by or talk to everyone outside. Then, go inside your house and pick some furniture that you do not want. When someone comes to your house, greet them and they will start walking around. When they stop to look at an item, speak to them and say you’ll sell it for a low amount of bells. Afterward, walk out of your house and go back inside to find another person in your house saying "Low prices? I'm in." Do the same to everyone and you’ll eventually have enough money to go to other houses and get whatever you want.

-Place all your items into a dresser and sell all your junk furniture items on a flea market day by changing the date. Check the town news board to find out when your flea market days are. The trick is to make sure you only sell to your residents well into the night since  your loopy and drowsy neighbors will not think straight and buy furniture for a price 150% more and 200% more, especially if they are in love with an item. On average, by selling a room-full of junk furniture you can make around 18,000 bells in a night.

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