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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats "Common personalities" (Nintendo DS)


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Common personalities

Below is a list of a few common personalities followed by their descriptions and an example:

  • Male
  • Oddballs: Commonly say things that make no sense. They have imaginary alter-egos and are obsessed with food. Oddballs are the easiest boys to get pictures from. Example: Alfonso the Caiman.

  • Muscle Men: Very fond of talking about working out, or jogging. They're also more of a loner type and are never included in rumors. It's a bit tougher to get a picture of them in your house. Example: Teddy the Grizzly Bear.

  • Grumpy Men: Their favorite words are negative, such as "slacker", "idiot", "wimp." They are not the friendliest people but it pays off to be their best friend. It is very difficult to get their picture. Example: Apollo the Bald Eagle.

  • Female
  • Valley Girls: These girls can be annoying. They are not smart and tend to say "like" a lot. They get jealous very easily so be careful what you say to them. Most of them are boy crazed, except for a special few. It is very easy to get their picture. Example: Rosie the Blue Cat.

  • Normal Girls: These girls are very sweet and generous. They are clueless about love and never talk about it. Once in a long while they will talk to you about how they were really bad with the HRA at first. This will make them depressed for a short amount of time. It is a bit tougher to get their picture. Example: Deena the Duck.

  • Divas: These girls are very stuck up and snooty. They get mad very easily, and when they do, they tend to say negative things. Most of them are obsessed with the "Ms. Nintendique" gossip magazines. It is very difficult to get their photo.

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