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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats "Free item hints" (Nintendo DS)


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Free item hints

  • Look in the sky during a perfectly clear night and tap when a shooting star appears to get a special gift the next day.

  • When animals are saying” I love you, I love you not", always choose "No", "I love you" and "I love you" to get a free item.

  • Every day, one tree in town will have a random item. Note: If a neighbor is looking at a tree, there's an item in it.

  • To get free items from other animals, equip your own fishing rod or net and keep talking to them if they are also holding a net or a fishing rod. They will say that it's a beautiful day for fishing or bug catching. Keep talking to them until they say "Why don't we have a competition?". Accept the competition and catch whatever they ask you to catch. When you have caught it, bring it back to the animal and talk to them to get a prize in return. Note: This works more than one time on the same animal.

  • Send your neighbors letters and attach items you do not want. They will usually send you furniture, clothes, and rare fruits the next day.

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