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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats "Getting presents" (Nintendo DS)


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Getting presents

  • Your mom will send you a present at the beginning of fall. It can be an acorn, a cherry, or other things to help you in your game.

  • To get free presents every ten minutes, go to the very top of your town while the time ends in a “4”, such as 2:44. Walk along the top of your town to find a present on a balloon. Get your slingshot and shoot the balloon the present is hanging on to pop it. Collect the present.

  • When the Animals are singing from happiness, talk to them a few times. They might give you items, a mat, wallpaper, or clothing.

  • Be careful when shooting down the balloon gifts near a river or on a bridge. The gift may fall into the river and sink and your character will be surprised.

  • No presents appear when it’s raining.

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