Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 12

Look like Mario

First, be sure you must have Nookington’s unlocked. Make a new resident, but be sure this resident is not your first. Name him Mario and try to get brown or black hair. If his hair is not brown or black, change it at the barber shop with 3,000 Bells. When the hair stylist is asking questions, hit the buttons in this order: first window: A, second window: B, third window: B. When she asks warm or cold, select "Cold", then "Mysterious!". Next, go to the Able Sisters with 1,500 Bells. This step will take a while. Find the following items or ask a friend for them: Big Bro's Hat and Big Bro Mustache. Next, make a design with dark blue overalls and yellow buttons. Also make a red shirt in the background. Put it all on and you will look like Mario.