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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats "Making animals angry" (Nintendo DS)


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Making animals angry

  • To make someone in your town mad at you, walk into them for a while and push them around. If done correctly, they will become mad and steam will shoot out of the top of their head, but won't remain mad for too long.

  • To make a neighbor mad, hit them repeatedly with a net. This will take some time, but if done correctly, steam will eventually shoot out of their head and they will yell at you.

  • When an animal has just moved in, keep talking to them. They will eventually say things like "Can you wait? I'm still unpacking!"

  • Keep talking to an animal that really wants to move and they'll eventually say something like "No! I've already made my mind."

  • Push animals around a lot, especially into ponds, rivers, or the ocean.

  • When animals ask you to deliver an item, they will say, "Better not open it!". Open it to make them mad at you.

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