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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats "Nintendo WiFi downloads" (Nintendo DS)


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Nintendo WiFi downloads

Below are dates Nintendo released downloadable content followed by the item available on that date. Note: An account with and Nintendo WiFi ID are required. For instructions, go to
1/07/07 Greenpipe
1/12/06 Coin
10/01/06 Firebar
11/03/06 Koopa Shell
12/05/06 Mushroom Mural and Block Floor (1 Year Anniversary)
2/09/07 Pikmin
2/14/06 Flagpole
3/11/07 Blue Falcon
3/16/06 Brick Block
4/18/06 Fire Flower
5/20/06 ? Block
6/22/06 Super Mushroom
7/24/06 Starman
8/26/06 1UP Mushroom
9/30/06 Cannon

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