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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats "Preparing for special events" (Nintendo DS)


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Preparing for special events

  • Flea Market: During a flea market, animals will enter your house and buy things. Remove all of your furniture and replace it with items you don‘t want, especially duplicate items. Place your normal furniture on the top floor since they only look in the main room. You can also get some of your items back, though it isn’t guaranteed that you will get all of it. Look in the dumpster at the Town Hall for items such as hats, flowers, and other things animals think are bad.
  • Bug-Off: A contest to see who is the best bug catcher in town. First, get a small bug that’s slightly larger than the bug in the lead. You will see approximate sizes when you look at the bugs you caught in your lifetime. Tap the butterfly icon when you open the menu and get something slightly bigger. Do this repeatedly, then end with an Emperor Butterfly that’s around 115 mm long. Tortimer will give you items each time you break the old record. If you win, the next day you’ll get a trophy.
  • Fishing Tourney: A contest to see who can catch the biggest fish. Fish like tuna, ocean sunfish, and gars are useful. Don’t keep seahorses, crucian carp, bluegill, clownfish, and jellyfish. A good idea is to catch fish and save them for the tourney.
  • Yay Day: You can write anything, even "You're ugly" or "Go away!" as a compliment. They would be flattered anyways, because animals don’t seem to understand English. Afterward, on Yay Day, they will say funny things like "You really think of 'you're ugly' when you see me? Gosh. I'm flattered!"
  • Flower Contest: Who can plant the biggest and best garden. An easy way to win is by stealing your neighbor's plants. Hold thirteen flowers, along with a net and a watering can. Plant them around your house while making sure there is a way to get into your house without stepping on your flowers. Win to receive a trophy.
  • New Year's Day: Play at 11:59 p.m. and stay at the Town Hall plaza for a countdown and fireworks. Collect your mail and go to the post office to save letters after 9:00 a.m. You will then get a present from your mother with 10,000 Bells.
  • Birthday: People will give you gifts on your birthday. A special person will give you a birthday cake, while your Mother tries to celebrate by sending you a letter. Before your birthday, empty out all your letters so you have enough room for new letters.

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