Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 1

The Gold Bracelet

Use the gold bracelet and examine people in Perception mode at various points to get their reactions:

Case 2 - Look at Sticklers fingers to see that they are working the page of his book.
Case 2 - Look at Wocky's girlfriend hand to see that she is scratching her neck.
Case 3 - Look at Lamiroir's neck to see that she is swallowing.
Case 3 - Look the boy's eyes when he is testifying with Lamiroir to see that they are moving.
Case 4 - Look at Mr. Brushel's armpits to see that he is sweating.
Case 4 - Look at Kristoph Gavin's hand to see that he tenses it.

Rating 1

Unlocking cases

In total, there are four cases in this game. To unlock them, complete the case before it. Once a case is unlocked, however, you can go back to it and replay it at any time.

Rating 0

Prevent bad choices

Press START before making a choice that you are unsure of. You can save the game, make your decision, then discover the outcome. You can then reload your saved game to try the other choices.