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Avalon Code Cheats "Georg's Test Of Wits answers" (Nintendo DS)


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Georg's Test Of Wits answers

Use the following answers in the Test Of Wits:

Q: Which of these is Nanai most skilled at performing?
A: Reading minds

Q: What is the attack that flips monsters but is also a sport in Kaleila?
A: Judgment Link

Q: What is the fork in road just south of town that leads to differents areas?
A: Crossroads of the World

Q: I hope you know the name of our ruler?
A: Xenonbart

Q: Who's the Ice Spirit?
A: Neaki

Q: What's the name of your own kingdom?
A: Kaleila

Q: Who does notappear on a Zeno-9 Card?
A: Fana

Q: What is the great field found outside of town?
A: Grana Plains

Q: What does Romaioni's shop accept as payment?
A: Mystic Jewels

Q: Granatium Plateau has spectacular views. What's another name for that place?
A: Sun Shelf

Q: What's the castle above Rhoan?
A: Frannelle

Q: Who is the training hall owner?
A: Gustav

Q: Rudrud's Son Gim is interested in what?
A: Town

Q: You'd better not have forgotten my name, right?
A: Georg

Q: I'm sure you know old man Vis. Where does he store his popularity items?
A: Pick up sack

Q: What's the fat monster seen in the field?
A: Goblin

Q: How many spirits exists in the Book?
A: 4

Q: What shaped shield does Heath have?
A: Round

Q: How are Ellie and Nanai related?
A: Grandma/grandchild

Q: Pogs are monsters found in the plains. How are they unique?
A: Small

Q: Why is the coast of Shark's Jaw called that?
A: Looks like one

Q: What's so striking about the maid's pointed hat?
A: They fit well

Q: Who lives in Fortune-Teller alley?
A: Rex

Q: What is the first sword you equipped?
A: Genesis

Q: Two twins run a shop in the town center. What's the name of younger sister?
A: Francesca

Q: Which monster looks like a skull?
A: Evil Spirit

Q: Where is it that you would nap often?
A: Sunny Hill

Q: What meaning does Dream Grass have?
A: An open mind

Q: Do you remember what chapter 3 of the book talks about?
A: Weapons

Q: What is the guardian that protects the Site of Cyril
A: Torsol

Q: What was the first flower that you Code Scanned?
A: Blazera

Q: The Chimera has three heads. What is its middle head?
A: Lion

Q: How slow is the clock in Kamui's house?
A: 24

Q: What's the flower Duran always wear in his hat?
A: Hero Bloom

Q: How many types of Code shapes exist?
A: 7

Q: When you first met Duran outside of the cemetery, what was he facing?
A: Goblin

Q: What is the name of the wide river that flows to the West of Rhoan?
A: Weld River

Q: Which flower has the meaning of comradery?
A: Bug Tree

Q: Who does Rudrud dislike, and always fight with?
A: Lauca

Q: How long did it take 10 people to make the large carpet found in Frannelle Castle?
A: 15 years

Q: What's the barrier in Eastern Desert?
A: Lost Zone

Q: Which is not found in the abandoned house in Rhoan?
A: Water Jug

Q: What do kids call Training Hall Road?
A: Wrath's Domain

Q: You remember the color of the vase in your own home?
A: Blue

Q: What meaning does Silver Azel have?
A: Giving you support

Q: How many hidden rooms in the witch's house?
A: 7

Q: What meaning does Golden Plant have?
A: Glistening future

Q: What cookie has a spiral for a design?
A: Wild Cookie

Q: Where is Kamui originally from?
A: Waisen

Q: There are many benches in Central Park. How many?
A: 13

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