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Battle Of Giants: Dragons Nintendo DS Cheats

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Unlockable Gold Gem Codes

Unlock the following Gold Gems by entering the corresponding codes in the "Extras" menu and under "Unlock Gold Gems":

Breath Gold Gem KUGDIM (Level 5) - AWBF CRSL HGAT
Breath Gold Gem KUZEN (Level 5) - ACLC SCRS VOSK
Breath Gold Gem NAMGILIMA (Level 5) - ISAM SKNF DKTD
Breath Gold Gem NIGHHALAMA (Level 5) - ZNBN QOKS THGO
Breath Gold Gem SUGZAG (Level 5) - XSPC LLSL KJLP
Claw Gold Gem GHIDRU (Level 4) - GPGE SMEC TDTB
Claw Gold Gem MUDRU (Level 5) - ABLP CGPG SGAM
Claw Gold Gem NIGHZU (Level 3) - POZX MJDR GJSA
Claw Gold Gem ULUH (Level 2) - SAPO RLNM VUSD
Claw Gold Gem USUD (Level 1) - NAKF HLAP SDSP
Head Gold Gem AGA (Level 5) - GPKT BBWT SGNR
Head Gold Gem DALLA (Level 4) - EPWB MPOR TRTA
Head Gold Gem KINGAL (Level 3) - FHSK EUFV KALP
Head Gold Gem MEN (Level 1) - PQTM AONV UTNA
Head Gold Gem SAGHMEN (Level 2) - TNAP CTJS LDUF
Tail Gold Gem A'ASH (Level 1) - LSSN GOAJ READ
Tail Gold Gem AHS BALA (Level 4) - VLQL QELB IYDS
Tail Gold Gem ASH (Level 2) - FUTY HVNS LNVS
Tail Gold Gem ASH SAR (Level 3) - LPAQ KOYH TGDS
Tail Gold Gem NAMTAGTAG (Level 5) - VLDB DDSL NCJA
Wing Gold Gem A'SHUM (Level 5) - LRYV LCJC MEBT
Wing Gold Gem ATUKU (Level 5) - ALVN HRSF MSEP
Wing Gold Gem BARASH (Level 5) - IQUW ENPC SRGA
Wing Gold Gem NIM (Level 5) - SGHJ VLPO QEIK
Wing Gold Gem NIMSAHARA (Level 5) - QPLA OKFC NBUS

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