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Beyblade: Metal Fusion Cheats "Cheat Codes" (Nintendo DS)


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Cheat Codes

Complete the game and select Story mode, then select the ""Password" option. Unlock the following parts by entering the corresponding case-sensitive codes:

Pegasus ΩM (Metal Face bolt with Stamina Plus) - bMJ4O7osHq
Pegasus ΩW (Unique Pegasus ring color) - Po0OiV3Qny
Cyber Pegasus AR (Unique Cyber Pegasus ring color with a new special move that spins your Beyblade in the opposite direction) - DZ4gjMA58V
Belzebrute Y (Unique Belzebrute ring color) - WlCQtq4hNs
Cyber ΛS (Unique Cyber wheel color) - Zw71nVSJuL 

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