Bionicle Heroes Nintendo DS Cheats

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Makuta's Domain

To unlock Makuta's Domain, collecct all six Inika Masks.

Rating 1


Unlock any of the following bonuses by collecting the corresponding Runes and Lego pieces:

Animal Farm - P, I, R, A, K, A and 30,000 Lego pieces
Big Head - I, R, N, A, K, K and 20,000 Lego pieces
Crazy Colors - V, E, Z, O, K and 10,000 Lego pieces
Disco Craze - T, H, O, K and 15,000 Lego pieces
Human Voice - M, A, K, U, T, A and 60,000 Lego pieces
Invincibility - H, A, K, A, N, N and 200,000 Lego pieces
Makuta Mode - V, O, Y, A, N, U, I and 5,000 Lego pieces
One Hit Deafeat - R, E, I, D, A, K and 150,000 Lego pieces
Piraka Party - I, N, I, K, A and 30,000 Lego pieces
Silhouettes - Z, A, K, T, A, N and 10,000 Lego pieces
Tiny Enemies - RunesM, A, T, A, N, U, I and 20,000 Lego pieces
Unlimited Ammo - A, V, A, K and 100,000 Lego pieces

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Reidak strategy

To easily defeat Reidak the Earth Piraka, wait by the door and allow him to come to you.