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Bomberman 2 Cheats "Unlockable Versus Stages" (Nintendo DS)


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Unlockable Versus Stages

Unlock the following Versus stages by performing the corresponding tasks in Mission mode:

Unknown - Defeat a zone's Boss (stage 10).
Unknown - Earn an "A" rank in an entire zone.
Free Roam - Plant 7,000 bombs.
Four Leaf - Destroy 4,000 soft blocks.
Magnet EX - Get 700 packs.
Quicksand EX - Complete 300 missions.
Ice Rink EX - Get 30,000 experience points.
Unknown - Get a Total Best Score of over 2,500,000 points.
Unknown - Get a Total Best Time of under 100 seconds.
Flash EX - Defeat over 7,000 enemies. 

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