Brain Age Express: Math Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 2

Stamp Unlockables

Collect the following numbers of stamps to unlock the corresponding bonuses. One stamp can be earned each day that a training mini-game is completed. Note: To play the Virus Buster training mini-game, you must have earned a stamp for that day.

1 stamp - By The Numbers training mini-game
3 stamps - Stamp Design mode
5 stamps - Battle mode for Sum Totaled mini-game
7 stamps - Tips mode
10 stamps - Change Maker training mini-game
12 stamps - Virus Buster training mini-game
15 stamps - Comment Settings
17 stamps - Change Pin Tip mode
20 stamps - Triangle training mini-game
23 stamps - Calculations X 100 Hard mode
25 stamps - Multi Tasker training mini-game
28 stamps - Triangle Math Hard mode
30 stamps - Multi Tasker Hard mode

Rating 1

Slideshow mode

To unlock Slideshow mode, beat any three themes.

Rating 0

Alternate main menu

Speak the words "Brain Age Express" into the microphone to surprise Ruyta Kawashima and make his head multiply.

Rating 0

Multi-Tasker hint

When solving how many people are in the house in Multi-Tasker, the number that appears the quickest when written is the answer.

Rating 0

Challenge mode

To unlock Challenge mode, have a Brain Age score of 20.