Brain Age: Train Your Brain In Minutes A Day Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 4

Stamp Unlockables

Collect the following amounts of stamps to unlock the corresponding bonuses:

1 stamp - Low to High mini-game
2 stamps - Syllable Count mini-game
3 stamps - Head Count mini-game
5 stamps - Tips option
7 stamps - Stamp Designer option
9 stamps - Hard mode for Head Count mini-game
11 stamps - Hard mode for Calculations x 100 game
13 stamps - Triangle Math mini-game
15 stamps - Time Lapse mini-game
17 stamps - Hard mode for Triangle Math mini-game
19 stamps - Voice Calculation mini-game

Rating 3

Larger stamp

To make you stamp increase in size, complete three brain challenges in one day.

Rating 2

Mario tune

In a mini-game when you get walking speed, select the stickman to hear it whistle a Mario tune.

Rating 2

Sudoku Advanced mode

To unlock advanced Sudoku puzzles, complete 25 of the Soduku puzzles in Basic and Intermediate mode. Alternately, complete an intermediate puzzle in less than 15 minutes.

Rating 2

Control title screen

At the title screen, say "Glasses glasses" into the microphone and the Doctor will remove his glasses and say something. Say "Doctor" into the microphone at the title screen and the Doctor will laugh or get mad.

Rating 2

More brain games

To unlock more brain games, change the Nintendo DS system date, then go to "Daily Training". Then, change the date back one day.

Rating 2

Brain Age Check Selection menu

To unlock an option to select the order of the Brain Age Check tests, select a save game slot and then enter the "Daily Training" menu. While holding select, choose "Brain Age Check".

Rating 1

Unlock all mini-games

To unlock all mini-games, keep moving the Nintendo DS system date forward. Get a stamp each day until you unlock everything. Then, change the date back to the current date. You will have lost all stamps, but everything will still be unlocked.

Rating 1

Mario easter egg

In the Syllable Count mini-game, one of the possible phrases is "Thank You Mario, but our princess is in another castle.", a reference from the first Mario game.

Rating 0

Top three results

T o display the top three results from every Brain Age Check and training to date, hold select while tapping the "Graph" option at the "Daily Training" menu.

Rating 0

Bike horn

After a mini game, when the person on the bike appear,select him to make him toot his horn.

Rating 0

Solving puzzles hint

To easily complete sudokou puzzles, start a puzzle and figure out the numbers in one 3x3 square. Zoom out, exit with out saving, then go back to that same puzzle and quickly fill in the box. Repeat until puzzle is complete. That way you can complete a puzzle without mistakes.