Cake Mania Nintendo DS Cheats

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Keeping customers happy

  • The cupcake oven is very important. It keeps your customers happy while they are waiting in line. It is important to know who to keep happy for the maximum profits. The businessman tips $25 when he is completely satisfied, while the bride, Santa and the old ladies tip $10 each. The rest of the customers will only tip $5 when they are completelysatisfied. If your cupcake supply is limited, go for the businessman first to maximize his hearts. Kids get the most happiness from cupcakes; one cupcake will fill their hearts completely.

  • On difficult levels where there are too many people in line and you cannot serve them all at once, and they are all red, glowing, and mad, do the following. Once you get past the first few people, do not pick up some of the money they leave behind. Only four people can be in line at the shop(s). Leave only two places open by keeping the money there. This will prevent overcrowding, and is much easier. Once you give one of the people in line their cake, click on one pile of money to keep the routine going.

  • Purchase the television and the cupcake oven as soon as you can for the most benefit. Tune the television to the channel that appeals to the most customers waiting in line and serve cupcakes to the rest.

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February at the Casino

At this point you should have the fastest cake baker, the fastest icer, the fastest decorator (obtained by buying all the decoration options), a television, an upgraded cupcake baker, and the fastest shoes. You should only have two of each baker, icer, and decorator. Cupid is a difficult customer. Try doing Cupid's order first and put on cartoons, then the vacationing businessman, then the regular businessman's order.

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Serving Cupid during Casino February

Cupid gets very annoyed if you serve someone else at the same time. Try keeping the cartoons on and only serve Cupid and he will be fairly patient.

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Customer favorites

The following is a list of customers and their favorite toppings and tv channels:

Bride Wedding - Food Network
Businessman Candle - News
College Coed Strawberries - Food Network
Cupid Snail Mail - Cartoons
Delivery Man Tradewinds Ship - News
Dracula Roses - Food Network
Easter Bunny Snail Mail - Cartoons
Food Critic Roses - Food Network
Granny Candle or Super Granny - News or Food Network
Kid Slyder - Cartoons
Santa Claus Snail Mail - Cartoons
Uncle Sam ? - News

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Unsold cakes

  • Whenever you have a cake remaining at the end of a level on the display case or anywhere else, do not click on the last money remaining until after picking up the cake. You will not be penalized for the cake. Also, bake the most complex cake possible at the beginning of each level and put it on the stand. It almost always sells. If not, just hold it when you click on the last payment.

  • If you have a cake at the end of the round that has not sold, give the last customer their cake but do not pick up the money. Pick up the unsold cake and pick up the payment for the cake. You will not be charged for the cake that is in your hands. This will save you plenty of money when it comes to the double-layered cakes with decorations.

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Shoes hint

Shoes should be your first purchase since they you move faster around the kitchen, therefore increasing productivity.

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Cake toppers

One area that you can upgrade several times are the cake toppers. The customers have a wide range of tastes. After playing a couple levels, you will learn that certain customers tend to order the same type of cakes. The Granny customer tends to order two layer cakes and usually gets the Super Granny topper. When you first begin a new month, you will be given a tip about is going on that month. Use this to your advantage. If you know there will be Cupids around, try to have the Snail Mail topper.