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Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow Cheats "Get to Bosses early" (Nintendo DS)


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Get to Bosses early

Get a Chaos Ring, a sword like the Alucard sword or a dagger-like weapon (must teleport Soma like the Alucard sword), the Succubus Soul, Treant Soul, and anything else that improves magic restoration. Go to a door you need a soul and use the Succubus Soul. Before finishing, use the dagger weapon. Note: For some doors you must be farther away so the door does not lock you out, stating that you need a seal. You should know be in the Boss room. Note: Do not use this trick on walls that have rooms next to them. Also, for Demetri's first fight in the Garden Of Madness, if you enter the door from the right, Demetri's scene happens and Somacan still move. Press A to read through dialogue; you cannot skip it. This trick can be used to go through places, such as the barriers in maze of the numbered rooms. It is possible to go through the game in nearly any order.

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