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Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow Cheats "Semi-immortal Succubus glitch" (Nintendo DS)


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Semi-immortal Succubus glitch

Equip the Bullet-type soul Succubus and a back-stabbing weapon (for example, Cinquedia). Press Up + Y to activate Succubus. As soon as Soma raises his arms, press A for a special attack. Soma will thrust forward and back, and will be surrounded by a red aura. That aura only lasts for about three seconds -- work as fast as you can. Walk into an opponent and stay in his space until the aura dissipates. Three things will happen when the aura disappears: The enemy will take damage based on your INT level (but normally around 200-300 damage); you will regenerate health (just like using Succubus normally); and you can walk through enemies with taking damage (like Iron Golem, Valkyrie, etc., minus the constant MP cost). This is sometimes extremely difficult to do, but once mastered the results are amazing. This glitch has two major flaws. You can only move sideways, with no jumping, sliding, back-dashing, "Hippogryphing", or using Souls (except Black Panther). Also, the chance of doing damage is random. Occasionally damage is done instantly, and sometimes not at all.

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