Castlevania: Order Of Ecclesia Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 5

Queen Of Hearts item

To unlock the Queen of Hearts item which reduces the price of a union by 50%, beat the game on Hard difficulty in any capped level.

Rating 3

Albus strategy

Make sure you rescue all of the villagers before fighting Albus and returning to Ecclesia to meet with your mentor. Failing to do so will result in an automatic death when you visit with your mentor, and will have to fight Albus again. Thus, it pays to find all of the villagers first, therefore avoiding a possible second battle.

Rating 2

Level 255 in Hard mode

To unlock level 255 in Hard mode, beat Level 1 in Hard mode. Alternately, link to Castlevania: Judgment on the Wii.

Rating 2

Easy money hint

To easily gain money, you will need two Gold Rings (found in rare chests in Kalidus Channel), Double Jump, and the Inire Penicula glyph (Tristis Pass). Equip both Gold Rings and the Inire Pecunia glyph. Go to the map location in the Tymeo Mountains as shown in the video. Double jump over the candle on the post at the right side of the bridge, hold Down and press B to kick it, then mid-air jump off the top of the screen. Do another kick off the bottom of the screen. You will drop back down into the candle. After it is hit, you will get 1,000 gold. Double jump back off the screen. Repeat as desired.

Rating 1

New Game+

To unlock New Game+ mode, beat the game and save when prompted. Then, highlight your cleared saved game file, and press Right to select the clear sign to start a new game in New Game+ mode.

Rating 1

Overnight leveling hint

Obtain the Fidelis Aranea Glyph from the Skull Spider, then head to the Monastery. To the right of the save room in the top left corner of the map is a room that will spawn Zombies infinitely. Stand on the ledge at the entrance into the room so that the Zombies can’t collide with you and summon the spider glyph. After that, plug your DS in and walk away, allowing the spider to do all of the work. When you return hours and hours later, you should have accumulated tons of experience.

Rating 1

Connection bonuses

To unlock the following bonuses, connect to Castlevania Judgment:

Courses 1, 2, and 3
Increased level cap
Practice mode
Queen Of Hearts item
Record option
Royal Crown item
Wireless Race option

Rating 1

Easy rare items hint

Do the "Easy experience" trick and after maxing out your time, equip two Fortune Rings. This will take all four to five stared items and turn them one star in rarity. You will get rare items more frequently.

Rating 0

Boss medals

To make a treasure chest appear containing a medal, do not get hit when defeating a boss.

Rating 0

Unlockable Modes

Unlock the following Modes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Albus mode - Beat the game with all villagers saved
Boss Rush mode - Beat the game with all villagers saved
Sound mode - Beat the game with all villagers saved
Hard mode - Beat the game to unlock

Rating 0

Easy experience hint

To easily gain experience, you will need Level 255 mode, two Hierophant Rings, Rapidus Fio Glyph, Slash Attribute at 65,535, ability to kill Skeleton Hero upon impact with Rapidus Fio, and levels over 100. Go to the Skeleton Cave, and go to the hall on the middle floor with the large number of Skeleton Friskies in a row. Equip Rapidus Fio, two Hierophant rings, and any strength boosting equipment or Glyphs. Run from one end of the hall to the other, leaving and re-entering the room. Each pass through of the room will result in approximately 1,000 experience points, and for every minute you will gain approximately 23,000 experience points.